Animangel's Realm

Konnichiwa! and Welcome!

Hi and welcome to Animangel's Realm, my home on the web. I am Animangel, gamer, Anime-fan, writer, amateur artist, and all around geek. ^_^ This is the second version of this website, and is a place for my assorted geeky stuff. Look around, and you'll find stuff on gaming, writing, drawing, anime, and fandom in general. So feel free to browse around, email me with a comment or two if you wish. Ummm....yeah, that's about it.


I enjoy anime and manga. While there was a time that I was a bouncy otaku-fangirl, that time has passed. I still enjoy it (or most of it), especially the art style (as you will see if you visit my art section). I do not have a favorite type of anime, although I do seem to be drawn towards  mecha and people with wings. I am repelled by hentai. My favorite series would have to be Tekkaman Blade (although if you ask me why I will probably shrug and tell you I don't know), followed by Escaflowne. I am certainly interested in having an intelligent conversation about any given series or phenomenon in the anime-verse.

 Role - Playing

I am a gamer. There is no way for me to deny this (nor would I want to, really). I have been role-playing for a very long time, and it is one of my favorite past-times, along with drawing and writing. I have a fair amount of information up here about games I've been in, character and campaign info, geeky extras (such as campaign soundtrack listings), and basic materials for gamers interested in playing the same types of games I have (such as characters sheets and house rules). This is probably one of the bigger sections of the website. I am also currently working on a video-game RPG for my friends I went to college with. It is not yet complete, but it will be posted here when it is.


I also am a writer. I have been working on my first novel for some time now, and I hope it will see publication someday. I have written numerous short stories and vignettes for school (as for some reason the deadlines seem to be more frequent for those things). I have published in my high school literary magazine, and the Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Society's magazine, The Phoenix. Other works include the script to a masquerade ball, and some random fandom-inspired writings.


I am an amateur artist. I enjoy the anime drawing style, and so you can certainly see its influence in my work. Some of my work (admittedly, a fair amount of older work) is posted here, so feel free to look around. I suppose I could do character sketches (I have done them for friends) if people ask. I am currently making a transition into using the computer for inking and coloring of pictures, along with my traditional favored mediums of ink, watercolor and colored pencil. Someday, I may write a web comic, combining my interests of writing and drawing (This will be far more likely to happen once I acquire a tablet).


 Questions, comments? Rampant Attack Squirrels? Contact me: animangel.mail [at]